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Could you be due tax from mis-sold PPI claims?

Millions of Brits are owed tax back from mis-sold PPI payouts.

More than 12 million people have now received payouts for mis-sold PPI from Banks and Lenders.

When the payouts were made, banks refunded the actual PPI premium plus 8 per cent interest per year. However, many firms deducted tax from PPI payouts at the basic 20 per cent rate, meaning non-taxpayers are now due the money back.

In April 2016, the personal savings allowance was introduced,this allowed basic rate taxpayers to earn £1,000 a year tax-free interest on their savings, and £500 for higher-rate taxpayers. Therefore even if you do pay tax but received your PPI payout after the personal savings allowance was introduced, you could also be owed money.


As an example, if your PPI reclaim payout was £3000 you could be owed between £120 and £300 depending on when the PPI was taken out.


If you believe you may be owed tax back and haven't reclaimed it yet, you should go to and fill out the R40 form or for any help you can call the income tax helpline on 0300 200 3300.

5 Ways to make your money go further at Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of year for many, and with the the price of toys and food continually on the rise its important to spend your money as wisely as possible.

Here are 5 ways to help make the most of your money at Christmas:

  1. Make a list- Going for a trip into town with no idea on what you want to purchase can not only be stressful and time consuming, it can also make us spend more money than we would have if we had a plan. Before you leave for the shops prepare a list of gifts for each family member or friend and stick to it.
  2. Compare deals online- Even if you don’t want to buy your gifts online, it makes money sense to compare the latest deals on the stores websites. A Couple of pound might not seem a big difference but when you spread that across multiple gifts you can save a small fortune.
  3. Do your Christmas Food shop online- Doing your food shop online in general is a great way of spending money so why not for Christmas. There always lots of special offers on at Christmas time that we can be drawn into but wouldn’t necessarily buy. Shopping online avoids this distraction and also ensures that you don’t double buy on things you may already have in the cupboards. You can also fill the basket on a couple of different sites to compare the best savings.
  4. Save a little each month- Putting a little money aside each month for Christmas can stop the pressure of having to find £100’s worth of extra cash in December. Open a savings account that gives you instant access to your money and you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up-£40 per month would give you £480 by the end of the year which is a big sum of money to put towards Christmas.
  5. Secret Santa- If you have a large family or group of friends, Secret Santa is a great way to help everybody save some money. Everybody puts their names in a hat, the names are then pulled out at random until everybody has a designated person. You can set a budget per gift so that everybody spends the same amount and the gifts are always a nice surprise and something that you were not expecting.

Can I get Broadband without a phoneline?

Yes, you can get fast and high quality broadband for your home or office without paying for a landline.

This can save you over £200 per year!

Huawei offer the B535 router for precisely this...

Click here for Huawei B535 wireless router 


The router uses 4G to create a Wi-Fi network which you can connect all of your devices to.

How fast is the broadband?

Depending on the 4G signal in your area, the download speeds will usually be up to 20mbps

Can I stream movies from Netflix and Amazon?

Yes, Netflix recommends that to stream their movies you need a minimum of 5mbps, therefore the Huawei B535 router gives you 3 to 4 times the amount you need to enjoy watching films.

Can I play games on the internet with this broadband?

Yes, Online gaming requires a minimum of 3mbps, making this more than capable of handling gaming.

Can it handle multiple devices?

Yes, up to 64 wifi devices can be connected to the internet at any one time.

Is it secure?

It is as secure as using the internet from any mobile phone

Can I get this Broadband in my area?

The Huawei B535 offers 99.8% population coverage. You can check the coverage of your area here.

City break to Prague

A city break can be just the thing to help you unwind and relax from the pressures of work and bills. 

Whether it be a a romantic get away or an educational trip for the family, Prague is the perfect place for both, plus you can stay in one of the city's hotels for as little as £96!



Hotel Penzion Rohoznik - £ Close to theatres and central shopping centre.

Top Hotel Praha - ££ 25 minutes from the city centre, offering indoor pool, hot tub & bowling.

Hotel Globus - £££ situated on the edge of a park offering stunning views and a summer garden.

Occidental Praha Wilson -££££ - Great choice for travellers interested in history and architecture.

Four Seasons Hotel Prague - £££££ - Offers views of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge and includes an AVA Spa.


Things To Do:

Prague Hop on Hop off Bus Tour - See and explore the sights of Prague, with a multilingual recorded commentary, on a city sight seeing bus tour.

Prague Beer Tour And Tasting -  The birthplace of beer as we know it; there is no better place to try some beer than Prague!

Prague Boat Trips - The most modern and eco-friendly way to enjoy Prague's highlights from a unique perspective.


Places to eat:

Restaurant Bellevue- Stylish contemporary dining room for Modern European cuisine overlooking the famous castle.

Bad Jeff's Barbeque - American-style BBQ with a twist. Combining fantastic food and sensational service, Bad Jeff’s Barbeque offers a high-quality dining experience 

Vegan's Prague -  Quality and original vegan cuisine in a renovated attic space or on the terrace with stunning views of the castle.

Aureole Fusion -  A unique project on the 27th floor of the tallest building in Prague City Tower, a restaurant located at a dizzying height of 109 meters and one of the highest-situated restaurants in Bohemia.

Czech Slovak Restaurant lounge bar - Family Style restaurant focusing on historic Czechoslovak dishes. Great for families.


£3 Challenge-Tomato and chicken pasta bake

By doing your grocery shopping online and taking the time to cook your own meals you can easily save up to £3 a day over Frozen food and ready meals.

You will be healthier for it too!

In this blog will be showing you how to make a tasty chicken and tomato pasta bake for just £3.42 from Amazon Fresh.

You can buy this as a microwave meal for 4 at Tesco for £5.00, but when its cheaper and healthier to cook from fresh, then why wouldn't you?

You will need:

Morrisons Penne Pasta 500g-£0.61p

Simply chicken 2 British skinless fresh fillets 300g-£1.66

EAST END FOODS chopped tomatoes 397g-£0.40

Gia sundried tomato puree with oil, herbs and spices 80g-£0.75



  1. Empty out 3 quarters of the pasta into a pan and add water
  2. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
  3. Whilst pasta is cooking cut your chicken fillets into small pieces
  4. Fry off the chicken pieces making sure they are cooked through.
  5. Drain off your pasta, then, keeping it in the pan add half a tube of the tomato puree and stir until all of the pasta is coated.
  6. Move the pasta into a deep oven dish/casserol dish
  7. Add your chicken and spread out evenly through the pasta
  8. Now add the whole tin of chopped tomatoes
  9. Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes at gas mark 4/180 degrees Celsius.
  10. (if you like your pasta cheese-y you can grate some cheddar or mozzarella cheese on top for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

With the money you have saved by cooking a homemade meal with Amazon Fresh, why not treat the family to a dessert:

Morrisons Apple Strudel £1.00  

Ambrosia Devon Custard-£0.60