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Moneydog send you cash back on top! Buy insurance from companies like Axa and Admiral, book holidays with, move your broadband to the best deal from Sky or BT, switch your electricity and gas provider, and earn hundreds of pounds in cash reward on all these things. Then let moneydog send you cash reward on top!

moneydog surveyed 100 households, and asked them how much they saved by switching their insurance each year. The average saving was £200 on insurances and £100 by switching their utlities

Mortgage & Property

A free mortgage guide

Mortgage & property buying guide for all - first time buyer, re-mortgage and buy-to-let. How to get the best deal for you and your circumstances to buy the property you really want.

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What insurance do you really need?

We explain how to save money on the insurance you have to have and how to make buying insurance work for you.

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A guide of easy steps to finding the best utilities tariffs for you and your home, plus how to earn cashback on the deal.

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Anyone can cut the cost of their weekly shop, and save time, without compromising on quality.