about us

Since having a family, I have been more aware of the importance of making my money go further. Every saving I can make on the things I have to buy like utilities, car insurance and mobile phones is either a new pair of shoes or a treat for my family (or me!).

I know you need to compare deals and shop around at the end of each contract, but often forget.

I had heard of cashback sites, but they always seemed very time consuming and a bit of a faff to use. I couldn't really see how I could earn enough back to make it worth the time.

So I created a site as easy to use as a comparison site, with competitive pricing on things like insurance, broadband, electricity and gas, but that guaranteed me a worthwhile chunk of cashback each year.

That’s what moneydog does - you can earn over £100 each year.

If you buy 5 products or services (that you will buy anyway) you will earn £50-£100 cashback. We’ll send you free reminders when your current car insurance or phone deal are due to expire so you see what offers we have to reduce your bills, as well as earn cashback.

Recommend 5 friends who become active, and you earn a minimum of £10 cashback for each one, every year.

That's how we guarantee a minimum of £100 cashback each year. Most members earn and save far more! Join today and moneydog will fetch you some free money.


Founder & CEO