How cashback works on moneydog


We find deals from leading brands

We negotiate deals with the brands and search tools that allow you to quickly search the market in everything from broadband to utilities.


You compare the deals

Using easy search and comparison tools you pick the product or service that you want, from the brand you trust.


You buy direct from the brand

You click through to the brand using our tracking buttons (with your cookies on so that the tracking works).

You buy direct from the brand (or our co-branded booking partner).

You don't have to enter a coupon or voucher code (infact if you do it will prevent you receiving cash back).


The brand pays us ‘cash’ for introducing you

We are paid for every verified, completed purchase that can be tracked back to a moneydog member clicking our tracking buttons. This can take up to 90 days.


From this we give you cash, back!

We make your cashback available within 3 days. You confirm the bank account you want the money paid to, and we send it.

Join for free to start earning cashback!

Remember: Don't use vouchers or discount codes from other providers as they will prevent you receiving moneydog cashback.

Terms and conditions apply.