Price match guarantee from moneydog


Find a better price on another comparison site? We don't like to hear that... so we'll match it* and pay you cashback! (Learn more about our cashback).

Just follow these simple steps:

Save the quote

We can price match a product or service if you can send us a quote or advert. An email or a screen grab that shows the product information and price is all we need.


Send it us

Attach the quote or advert to our form, and send it to us for verification. Click here to send it to us now. 


We'll send you a link

Within 48 hours we will send you a link to purchase your product or service (or an equivalent of the same quality), at the same price, plus £10 cashback. 


* In the event that we cannot match the price and quality of your 3rd party quote then we will, at our discretion, let you purchase the 3rd party product and still send you a cash reward.